Gosh, I hate moving!!

Looks like I might actually be able to return to normal life this week-writing and editing full time. Glad this nasty moving business is completed. The apartment that we lived in and absolutely loved, raised our rent $300 in one fell swoop and we had four days to decide to stay or move. Now, this would have put us at about $2000 a month–way too much for what we were getting. Also, this became about the principle of the thing. This should not be allowed, especially during covid. Chris got angry and I became sorrowful, having to give up the apartment I liked so much. It was hectic, too as they gave us just two months to vacate. Corporate management sucks most of the time.

Soooo, we bought a home. But not a stick-built home, rather an RV. We had discussed doing so for some time and had planned to move to South Padre Island Texas BUT Chris discovered the job required a fixed location. We traded in the small motor home for a much larger residential model. Much more comfy, and livable for full time. We found a nice resort park to park it in, built a porch, and made it our new home. Now, though we pay about the same each month, well, less, we will own this soon and the facilities rent will never gouge us again!

And, best of all, if we do ever move again, we’ll be able to take our home with us and won’t have to pack hardly anything!


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