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So, anybody want to read my music column, Notes from Nat, from last month?
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Dizzy has her head on straight—her art is timeless and all about connecting
When she was a mere sixteen years old, Minnesota native Dizzy Fae wrote a song called “Color Me Bad”. When a popular DJ on an Apple-based BBC radio station in the UK heard it, he premiered it on his show.
“Color Me Bad”—
This immense, broad release brought her square into the spotlight of musical fame. Already vested in the arts by attending the Saint Paul Conservatory For Performing Artists studying voice and dance, this just propelled her forward onto her chosen career path. She was able, after graduating in twenty sixteen, to join singer Lizzo on her sold-out nationwide tour, which included some headlining shows for Dizzy herself, as well.
Today she is a classically trained singer, dancer, and performer, releasing a wealth of independent R&B and experimental electronica pieces. In twenty eighteen, she released her own mixtape called Free Form, representing, in her words, a free-flowing spirit doing whatever she wants. The Internet went wild and her hefty fanbase, her Dizzerts, was created.
Free Form Mixtape—
Boiler Room Concert—
As a young child, Dizzy drew upon a variety of influences as she developed her own eclectic sound, a mix of eighties funk music all the way out to some futuristic synth work. Through it all, her mother was her biggest fan, believing in her talent and encouraging her to follow her dream of becoming a singer/performer. A dream that sometimes seemed far away in the upper Midwest while growing up as the biracial child of a white, single mother.
Just like so many of the peers of her Gen Z generation, however, she is an out and proud queer person, made fearless by the tough experiences of her past. She has often stated that she wishes to be a role model for all, especially those who are of color as well as LGBTQ+. She wrote “Her/Indica” about her first time falling in love with a woman.
In twenty nineteen, she released a more streamlined concept mixtape called No GMO, specifically released to be a dance album. The title came about from Dizzy’s plan to eat a healthier, more pure diet. She saw non-GMO on most of the organic items she chose in the grocery store.
“Big Wall”—
“Gut Talk”—
When describing this latest mixtape, however, Dizzy says it was made for people to dance and feel good about themselves simply. She adds that someday she might like to open a nightclub where people can dance and be free to be themselves in a non-judgmental setting.
Also in twenty nineteen, in New York for World Pride, she performed the headlining set at Leslie Pride 2019, a queer party held in the cellar of Hotel 50 Bowery.
Her latest independent debut EP, Antenna, dropped in May 2021.
“Bend n Snap”—
“Body Move”—
“Body Move Yin Yang Twins Remix”—
“Body Move” Bloopers —
“360 Baby” Audio —
Even though her music is insanely popular, she has made it clear that her art is not created solely for mainstream appeal — she remains independent from a label, working with her close friends and local producers to craft music her way, out and proud with a positive message for all people.
Some recent singles:
“Don’t Hate for Me”—
“I’m Good”—
“Baby Pillz”—
“Johnny Bravo” Audio —
“Booty 3000” Audio—
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