About the Bits

I have fans. Yes, I really do. Who knew that someday a fantasy-fueled little girl would write stories that someone else would want to read?

I’m blessed.

But with all that blessedness comes some responsibility. These fans want to visit with me, hear from me, be notified when new work comes out.

This webpage, The Natty Bits, is a way to connect with these fans and to my many friends around the world. Instead of sending out a ton of emails, –something I never do and a lack that fills me with guilt—I can post here and stay in touch. At least in some fashion.

I want to hear back from you. Let’s start a dialogue—about writing, about life, about organizing and about a whole foods plant-based eating plan. All passions of mine.

These are some new books, one out earlier this year. You can find out more about them and where to buy them on the Novels page. Enjoy!