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Welcome to the World of Nat Burns

Award-Winning Novelist & Eclectic Writer

Greetings! I’m Nat Burns, an award-winning novelist with a rich tapestry of experiences in poetry, fiction, journalism, and more, spanning over four decades.

A Life Rich in Stories

I am passionate about storytelling, publishing approximately one book each year. My journey through the written word includes romance novels like Two Weeks in August and Lights of the Heart, as well as ventures into speculative fiction where imagination knows no bounds.

A Legacy of Literary Contributions

My work has been featured in numerous publications, reflecting my diverse literary interests. My romance novels are actively published by Bella Books, while Flashpoint Publications and Desert Palm Press showcase my other creations. To date, I have authored over seventeen books.

Honors and Adventures

My dedication to writing has been recognized by the Virginia Press Association, Writer’s Digest, and other prestigious organizations. In addition to my literary achievements, I have contributed to medical publishing, culminating in my role as an editorial systems coordinator for a renowned scientific journal.

Educator, Editor, and Enthusiast

Beyond my writing, I am committed to nurturing future writers through teaching and mentorship. As an editor, I have refined hundreds of manuscripts, helping to shape stories that resonate with readers.

Embracing the Enchantment of New Mexico

I currently reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the desert’s breathtaking landscapes provide a new sanctuary for my creativity, contrasting beautifully with the lush greenery of my previous home in Virginia.

Connect with Me

I continue to share my insights and stories through my monthly review column in Lesbian News. Stay updated on my latest adventures and musings by following me on social media via the icons below.