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So this happened

From: LesbianReadingRoom Woefully behind on my reviews and trying to catch up I want to recommend š—§š—µš—² š—Ÿš—¶š—®š—¶š˜€š—¼š—» by Nat Burns. This is a really well written and well thought through science fiction story set in the reality of now,

Quick bit as I run out the door

Man, I am getting more and more disheartened and angry. I was watching Megyn Kelly this morning and she did an in-depth report about the Willis family. They had twelve children in a large family and the four oldest daughters

Good People by EJ Runyon

This is a review I just posted-enjoy!   Good People by EJ Runyon Author EJ Runyon has written a mesmerizing tale about the healing of Bernie, once known as Bernadette Maldenado, then as Mrs. Carlos Obregon. Now, because she has

Peppermint the Movie

Just a bit: IĀ  saw the movie Peppermint earlier today with a friend. Sheesh! That is one amazing movie with a totally unexpected, suuweet ending. I loved it. Don’t expect scintillating dialogue because this is a dyed in the wool

Fat and Diabetes

Good morning! Years ago, I was a managing editor of the Diabetes Care medical journal so I occasionally check it out, even now. Imagine my surprise when I discovered some interesting new research. First off, let me say that my