Month: September 2018

Good People by EJ Runyon

This is a review I just posted-enjoy!   Good People by EJ Runyon Author EJ Runyon has written a mesmerizing tale about the healing of Bernie, once known as Bernadette Maldenado, then as Mrs. Carlos Obregon. Now, because she has

Peppermint the Movie

Just a bit: I  saw the movie Peppermint earlier today with a friend. Sheesh! That is one amazing movie with a totally unexpected, suuweet ending. I loved it. Don’t expect scintillating dialogue because this is a dyed in the wool

Fat and Diabetes

Good morning! Years ago, I was a managing editor of the Diabetes Care medical journal so I occasionally check it out, even now. Imagine my surprise when I discovered some interesting new research. First off, let me say that my

Whole Foods Mania

  I’m a long-time Amazon Prime member as I do a huge percentage of my shopping online. Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid(TM)Then, lo and behold, Amazon bought Whole Foods grocery stores. I believe what Chef AJ says, if you don’t

The Natty Bits

What are The Natty Bits? To me, they are the bits and pieces of info or insight that often rise to the murky surface of my mind. The issue is, I’m a writer. Primarily a novelist. And a quote that