The Alice B. Medal is Here

Hello My Flames                 

Here it is! I’ve received my Alice B Readers Appreciation Award. The medal was waiting for me at home after my week out and about touring southern New Mexico.

You may remember that I found out last month that I’d won it for my body of work. I feel so blessed that the committee and you readers found my work worthy of acknowledgment. It is quite an honor.

Writing, as I’ve said many times, is often an insular business. We get so wrapped up in our characters’ lives that we set our own aside. Winning this award, as well as the Golden Crown Literary award and nominations, plus the other writing awards that I’ve won, reminds me that I am the author. My characters, although they think they write the books, are brought into being by my constantly expanding creativity. I truly do love what I do to begin with, but awards like this just reinforce that love. Thank you so much, my dear readers and the nominating committee. It’s deeply appreciated.


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