Quick bit as I run out the door

Man, I am getting more and more disheartened and angry.

I was watching Megyn Kelly this morning and she did an in-depth report about the Willis family. They had twelve children in a large family and the four oldest daughters were raped by their father. He is now serving prison time. Megyn seemed to be okay with that.

However, moments earlier, and in previous shows, she has manifested a huge defense of supreme court nominee Kavanaugh, even almost ridiculing (A la Trump) the women who had come forward with their stories of sexual assault.

Now, I understand Megyn has sons and I have personally witnessed the huge connection most (almost all) mothers have with their sons. It’s amazing to witness from outside a family of mothers and sons. Anyway, I had daughters, two of them, and I know what daughters can deal with. What women can deal with. No woman wants THAT kind of attention when they tell their story.

Personally, in my own family, I have seen a mother spend the entire family fortune defending a son who was legally CONVICTED of raping and almost killing an INFANT. She paid his legal fees, supported him during his prison time, then let him take over her life when he was released, to the point where she was left penniless and he forced her out of her own home.

Yes, men deserve to be innocent until proven guilty but that DOESN’T mean you can ridicule a woman for telling their truth. Or make them guilty without due process. I cringe when Megyn, using her legal prowess, raves and argues about how men shouldn’t be condemned outright. And how women can lie about events that happened. I believe–my opinion–that many women who watch her religiously, could be damaged by this cold, logical law approach. Statistics report that women claim sexual assault falsely in about two to ten percent of reported cases. The statistic also includes legal cases that may be true, but can’t be proven, into that statistic.

In this new decade of #MeToo, which I personally am very proud of and encouraged by, it seems that women have an obligation to have one another’s backs. We are, and have been, a male dominated society for too long. Look at the male dinosaurs that rule Washington DC.  It is a FACT that women often go unheard. They suffer all types of abuse. Yes, men can be raped and sexually assaulted, true, but the minor numbers, when you compare them to female cases are astounding and the number of women assaulted,  alarming.

I just want to say shame on you Megyn, @MegynKelly, and I say what my mother often said to me. If you can’t say something positive, just don’t say anything at all.

Sorry if I have offended anyone. I just share my opinions here in this forum.

A lovely Thursday to you.


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